Baby Blue and Gold Macaw

I picked up my baby Blue and Gold macaw on Saturday. He is three weeks old and weighed 660gms when he came away from his parents which is a really decent weight considering the average weight for a blue and gold baby  at this age is 530gms.
Not sure about a name just yet and not […]

Daily Weight

Mon 18/10/10 weight@ 8:07am = 625gms.

The Birth

Hatched on  25/9/10
pulled from Mum and Dad on 14/10/10 at 19 days old weighed in at 660gms according to breeder.
Picked up by me on Saturday 16/10/10 at three weeks of age.
Gave first feed around 6pm on 16/10/10.  Fed well, had 50mls Kaytee Exact 1 part food to 2 parts water. Took feed well. Will feed four […]