Daily Weight

Fri 22/10/10 weight @ 6:42am = 700gms.

Daily Weight

Thur 21/10/10 weight@ 7:09am = 675gms.

Daily Weight

Wed 20/10/10 weight @ 6:42am = 650gms.

Daily Weight

Tue 19/10/10 weight @ 6:29am = 625gms

Baby Blue and Gold Macaw

I picked up my baby Blue and Gold macaw on Saturday. He is three weeks old and weighed 660gms when he came away from his parents which is a really decent weight considering the average weight for a blue and gold baby  at this age is 530gms.

Not sure about a name just yet and not even sure of sex. No need to rush these things for now. Have included some footage of feeding and daily weights. It will be exciting to watch his progression and journey towards becoming a fully trained outdoor free flying macaw.

Daily Weight

Mon 18/10/10 weight@ 8:07am = 625gms.

The Birth

Hatched on  25/9/10

pulled from Mum and Dad on 14/10/10 at 19 days old weighed in at 660gms according to breeder.

Picked up by me on Saturday 16/10/10 at three weeks of age.

Gave first feed around 6pm on 16/10/10.  Fed well, had 50mls Kaytee Exact 1 part food to 2 parts water. Took feed well. Will feed four times a day at this rate every five hours  from now until otherwise stated.

Weighed each day before initial feed.